Day 23 – Maintaining Optimal Health… What’s Next? Finding Your Why!

Day 23 – “Healthy Living” Bonus Tip 2
Maintaining Optimal Health…What’s Next? Finding Your Why!

Watch This Video (4:40 minutes). Then Read This Message!

*** Watch a video each day (below or on the program home page) for the next 24 days! YES, A Simple and Easy Review! Or, review a video per week over the next half year. If you keep seeing and practicing these health habits they will become part of you and not work but something you enjoy! Really it’s true!…These health habits when practice daily will change your life forever!

* Each video has a short written message with links to further reading for reinforcement of the 9 Diet and 3 Lifestyle practices that are the core of this 21 Day Program and your health transformation. Good health is about practicing and reinforcing good habits!

The key is to:

* Start…
* Review material regularly until it’s part of you…


Kirk’s 21 Day PowerAging Program for Business Travelers (E-Book, 80 pages, PDF).  Print out pages 15 and 16 of your E-Book an overview of the whole program and contains BED Food List (low allergy food list). Put copies in your car, office, luggage, home, bed stand, etc.!

Supplemental Reading
“Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane: 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health and Real Healthcare Reform” by Kirk Hamilton (PDF version, 261 pages)

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Watch Today’s Video.

Be and Stay Well


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